Ready to connect with a community of extraordinary professional women who want to explore the deep state of BLISS found in I AM™ Yoga Nidra guided meditation while letting go of the stress and tension of a busy lifestyle?

Join us for a 3-day journey of self-discovery that will leave you feeling relaxed, restored and rejuvenated.

Bliss Yoga Nidra Weekend Retreat

You’re ready to transform the stress and tension of a busy lifestyle into freedom and bliss with I AM™ Yoga Nidra guided meditation. Together, I will guide you to:

  • Craft a personal intention aligned with your true purpose in life and consciously create new channels of thought and behaviour that steer the direction your life will take. Your intention will be planted in the subtle, deep state of yoga nidra and reinforced in the waking state
  • Let go of the busy thoughts, habitual patterns and past programming that keep you stuck in the past. Instead, learn to witness rather than engage which will empower you to shift from reaction to responding with wisdom and compassion
  • Transform energy from the down-and-out flow of fear, desire and control and redirect up through the heart centre into the higher chakras of creative communication, understanding and insight.
  • Integrate energy released from blockages held at the physical, mental and emotional levels and allow them to be resolved energetically into a natural state of completion for balance and harmony>
  • Experience the ultimate state of bliss consciousness where the natural pharmacy of feel-good chemicals, like serotonin, melatonin, oxytocin and endorphins, are released creating a powerful elixir for self-healing and cell regeneration
  • Feel relaxed, restored and rejuvenated and ready to take on the world with a new perspective, tools and techniques to support you as you transition back into your daily routine


I AM™ Yoga Nidra is a non-doing conscious sleep-based meditation.

Yoga nidra is a journey to the self from the gross physical and mental body to subtle energy and wisdom body and into bliss state of deep meditation.

In yoga nidra, we plant the seed of intention strategically in the bliss body where we consciously direct the path of our life.
During the guided meditation you will experience a powerful progression of shifts in the brain state for deep relaxation, restoration and a profound stilling of the mind and body.

Best practiced in a comfortable position where you are least likely to move, ideally lying on your back supported by bolsters under the knees, padding under the head and blankets for supreme comfort.

I AM™ Yoga Nidra guided meditation is received as an energetic experience beyond the mind, embracing the felt sensations in the body and creating a direct and positive impact on the energetic body without any effort on your part.

I AM™ Yoga Nidra guided meditation is an energetic transmission of the ancient yogic teachings of spiritual masters dating back 4,500 years.


  • 3 days to get away from it all and completely BE YOURSELF
  • You’ll feel and benefit from our creative fusion of spiritual study and tactile experiences
  • Deeply relax the body, clear the mind, nourish the soul and open your heart to possibilities 
  • We truly care about YOU and will support you in a caring and compassionate environment 
  • You’ll discover a community of friends, just like you, who are on the path to self-discovery
  • Experience a magical slice of heaven on the rugged west coast 
  • It’s a smart investment for your holistic wellbeing


Friday, January 31, 2020

3-4 pm  check-in
4-4:45 pm  free time to explore
5-7:30 pm  studio/opening circle

Saturday, February 1, 2020

9:30 am-12 pm  free time/breakfast/get coached w/ Darshana (pre-register)
12-2:30 pm  studio
2:30-3:45 pm  free time/reflection
2:40-3 pm  mindful walk on the beach lead by Darshana
3:45-7 pm  studio
7:30 pm  Group dinner in Gibsons (pre-register)

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Group brunch at the Gumboot (pre-register)
11 am-12 pm  free time/reflection
12-2:30 pm  studio and closing circle


Immerse yourself on the rustic shores of the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, a slice of west coast heaven nestled between the pacific ocean and coastal mountains just 90 minutes from downtown Vancouver

Settle into the village life of Roberts Creek featuring shops with local artisan products and organic homegrown produce, scrumptious home cooking at Gumboot cafe and groceries at the general store. 

Energize with a mindful walk along the Roberts Creek pier and beach and  experience the power and awe of rolling waves and endless sky, home to sea otters and locals out for a stroll. How about a peaceful walk at Cliff Gilker Park among a forest of towering fir and cedar trees complete with rushing salmon creek and a waterfall, just a short ride from the studio.   

We’ll gather at Yoga by the Sea studio – A Sanctuary for You for our daily dive into yoga nidra bliss, hatha yoga flow, meditation and group activities for personal growth. 

Yoga by the Sea studio – A Sanctuary for You 

1055 Roberts Creek Rd
Roberts Creek
Sunshine Coast BC V0N 3A0


Flying into Vancouver? You will need to arrive a day early and take transit or car to Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver and onward via BC Ferries to the Sunshine Coast or book a flight with a local airline.

Travel from the USA requires a valid passport and other important travel documents. Please ask your travel agent for details about travel to Canada. 

Information on the local area, including places to stay:

International Airport:
Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Local Airport:
Harbour Air
Sunshine Coast Air
Fly Coastal

BC Ferries:
Sunshine Coast Route

What you get

  • 3 days of yoga bliss in a supportive community
  • 5 guided session of  I AM™ Yoga Nidra tailored for the Journey To Bliss by a certified facilitator
  • 2 sessions of hatha yoga flow 
  • Opening guided meditation and group intention 
  • Guided mindful walk on the beach hosted by Darshana 
  • Comfortable, bright and airy studio space with a small kitchen and a bathroom 
  • Opportunity for self-guided exploration into nature just minutes from the studio 
  • Join us for communal breaking of bread on Saturday night dinner at the Barefoot Gecko in Gibsons and Sunday morning brunch at the Gumboot Restaurant (pre-registration required)
  • Designated personal breaks where you can rest, meditate, connect to nature, and check into the outside world on your mobile device
  • Safe and confidential space to explore the self and feel supported
  • Opportunity to upgrade your experience to VIP Coaching package with April Ria (pre-registration required)


  • Accommodation and travel to and from the studio in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast BC
  • Exploration 
  • Food and drinks 
  • Taxes 
  • Personal, medical or trip Insurance 


I’m clearer and stronger with meditation and for the most part, I can get myself out of the story we create and put on others without knowing it. Now, when I’m in those moments where I get pulled out of myself with strong emotions I can stop myself and notice that I’m not attached to whatever is causing me to lose my balance at the moment. I can let go of what I can’t change and instead focus on me.

I’m sleeping better, feel less stress and frustration. I feel relaxed. I really like breathing. If you are ready to do the work, then this is the place to do it.

This experience was Priceless.

Krista Stevenson

Administrator, Coastal Craft Yachts

I feel empowered! I’ve been given the tools to do the meditations on my own and do a deeper dive into the areas of my life that need attention.

I can dive into the memories and old stories, and I can change the energy surrounding them. I can change that energy to better serve me. I was fearful and didn’t want to ‘go there’, but with your guidance and aftercare I no longer feel fearful, I feel strengthened!

I felt supported once we had developed that technique for breathing through each nostril. (Before that, I found that I was in a ‘mood’ that I couldn’t shake after the meditation) Having that aftercare was monumental for me. Thank you so much!

April, you are a dynamo! There is an energy that you create from within you that you gift to others. I’m so blessed to be the recipient of that energy. You are my calm in turbulence and my call to action when I feel stalled. I thank you for your patience with me, and for your objective support. Xxoo

Angela Rae

Holistic Interior Designer, Angela Rae Holistic Designer

I wasn’t sure about meditation. I have never done it. But I really enjoyed being guided and it was great. I look forward to our meetings and felt absolutely supported by the whole group.

I feel good. Sleeping better, my heart feels more open, not so heavy with stress and anger.

I have a bit more control over my emotions and my past doesn’t haunt me. I don’t feel like I will let things bother me as much. And if they do I have the tools to help me through.

Rachel Manley

REALTOR®, Royal LePage Sussex

What to bring

Bliss Yoga Nidra is a weekend away just for you to nourish yourself–mind, body, heart and soul 

  • Your whole self ready to engage and immerse wholeheartedly in the I AM™ Yoga Nidra experience
  • Your own yoga mat, blanket, bolster, eye pillow (pre-register to borrow studio props)
  • Journal and pens/pencils
  • Snacks and water bottle

What NOT to bring

  • Leave your work at home!
  • A checklist of things to do and see – instead, I encourage you to be in the flow


April Ria “Darshana” Qureshi-Davidson

Hi, I’m April Ria! Meditation and lifestyle coach, speaker and author helping busy professionals, like you, realize their true selves along the path of yoga. 

Like many of you, I’m on a journey of self-discovery. I’m looking to find my true self beyond the ego-mind. After many years of feeling lost in the busyness of life, raising two kids and shifting through 3 careers I finally landed. Not only do I get to live my passion for leadership and self-mastery but I get to share that passion with you!  

That’s why I created this community for women on the path to self-realization. We’ll explore how when we shift on the inside the world shifts along with us. We’ll inspire and support each other and have fun all along the way. 

I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation since 1990, formalizing my training in 2018 as a registered yoga and meditation teacher. 

This weekend retreat is going to transform the way you show up in life and business!

Get ready for an unforgettable ride ♥︎


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