Suddenly seeking answers to a question that was always there bubbling beneath the surface.


Deep down you knew there was a part of you that wanted attention. You felt it at the moment; then the moment would pass. You let it go.


Now that the moment is rising to the top surface of awareness and needs your immediate attention. You’re in emergency intervention mode. It’s a rush to save the day. The thing is you had the answer all along, but you weren’t willing to look. Now you want instant access, a miracle. It will cost you. The professional you’re working with could see the pattern all along. If you’d invested in yourself from the start where would you be now?


Which one of us can hold out the longest without seeking help? Whoever can get through life the furthest all by themselves wins! You’re spinning yourself a tale.


Could have, would have, should have.


Where’s the value in that? The value is in exponential growth.


Now, x10.


If you planted an appletree five years ago, you’d have an apple harvest year after year for the next 20 years, with plenty to share.


Hint: you’re excelling in one area of life while other areas are not just lacking but failing.


Your internal compass was picking up on it, but you chose to ignore it. Crisis mode puts our destiny in the hands of someone else.


What if there was a better way? Do your internal work, and you reap the benefits now. Why wait for a crisis to tell you your next step?