Empower your day, pull yourself out of the weeds, and win back your time and energy with this simple yet effective productivity tool, the Eisenhower matrix.

DO – focus on the decisions and tasks that absolutely must be done by you

DELEGATE – give others the power to step into more responsibility when you delegate

DECIDE – set aside important but not urgent tasks for a better time and free up your day

DELETE – this is a tough one! it’s time to let go of habits that no longer serve the person you are becoming.


00:03 all right guys, welcome we are here today talking about the eisenhower matrix that was remastered by stephen covey

00:13 this is a simple time management tool to help you prioritize your time and energy and focus your attention on the decisions and tasks that absolutely must be done by you and only you

00:30 okay so this is for leaders of teams and

00:35 i want you to think here about instead of getting pulled into the granular details of leading your team you’re going to use the eisenhower matrix to help you do four things

00:48 and so we’re going to start with DO okay so these are you want to gather your power of focus and attend to the details that are within your wheelhouse and need your immediate attention, okay and so they need to be done now, immediate and your wheelhouse

01:21okay and so this is really important now that we’re heading into the fall and we’re about six months into the global pandemic and things are going to start to change. so the weather is going to change, our schedules are going to change some of us, our children are going to be going back to school, some of us will be going and changing our routines as far as work and office and so this this handy tool comes into play really well here and focusing your attention

01:56 and so the second thing the Eisenhower matrix does is helps you DECIDE, okay so decide you’re going to free yourself from the drain of energy that can be better saved for a better time and so these are the task that you want to schedule for a better or later date, so these still need your attention but it doesn’t have to be done today or tomorrow

02:41and then third quadrant of this matrix is DELEGATE, this is the third, when you delegate you are empowering others to step into more responsibility and it’s really important to be able to empower your team into more responsibility so that you can focus in on your wheelhouse

03:23 all right and then the final quadrant is DELETE, I love this one, what are you doing that you can let go of and so there are habits that are no longer serving you and the identity that you have as a leader and so if you are still, you know, for example, working after hours from home I’m gonna encourage you to just put the phone down, put your computer away and really come into the present moment and focus in on who’s in the room and give them all of your attention, and so delete all those bad habits that no longer serve you, the leader you’re becoming

04:32 this is really important for when working at home especially those of you who are new to working at home, there may be other people in the house who would be better served by your attention so focus in on the moment, put the phone down, close the computer and be with your loved ones

04:54 this the Eisenhower matrix and it’s just a really simple straightforward tool for time management and prioritizing your tasks throughout the day and throughout the week

05:05 and when you get really good at it you can do it your head but it’s helpful to, actually helpful to brain dump and write this stuff down so you can actually see it on paper, and as you can tell, I love color, so if you like color add some color in there and make it fun and that’s it

05:24 have a great day