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Release emotional blocks and negative repeating patterns while unlocking the potential to attract infinite abundance into your life


Have you ever wondered why some people breeze through life while others struggle at every turn? 

At Journey to Infinite Abundance find the sequence that has the potential to unlock infinite abundance on multiple levels

The moment we begin life we are in a state of purity and grace.

As we journey through life our experiences inform how we see, feel, think and connect with the world. Intuitively we assimilate our experiences directly or witnessing the experience happening in others. Some seem insignificant - our brother or sister continuously calling us dumb, while others are as significant as the grief felt for the loss of a loved one.

Our experiences as children and young adults create our habits and beliefs later in life. We retain these experiences in our subconscious mind as the patterns and grooves of life, some positive and some negative.

Witnessing negative patterns at a young age can create scars and grooves that block our emotional and physical bodies. 

As kids, we don't have the choice to separate ourselves from the care of our families no matter how bad the situation. We rely on our families to provide a sense of what's right or wrong. 

Emotional, mental and physical blocks can show up later in life as negative repeating patterns and pain in our bodies.

The patterns can show up as mental blocks (guilt, shame, fear), emotional blocks (stuffing down and ignoring your feelings) and manifest in the physical body as pain and dis-ease. These patterns manifest in our minds as the story we tell ourselves over and over. We ignore our emotions and push aside physical pain creating a disconnect between our mind and body setting adrift our whole being. 

We create stories and gather evidence to support the pattern.

Patterns become ingrained and often repeat in families for generations. God and the universe give us an opportunity to confirm the evidence by sending us friends, co-workers, clients, neighbours and random strangers to repeat pattern. 

We manifest infinite abundance in areas of money, health, relationships, self-love, self-worth, success and personal growth by unlocking the negative repeating patterns.

Negative repeating patterns are so subtle that we may not realize they exist.

Certain people and situations easily trigger us. Our triggers are emotional messengers. The trigger let us know that there is a disconnect in the flow of life. 

However, society, family and ancestral origin keep us bound to what's familiar and acceptable. We stuff our emotions down even though there is a felt sense of spiritual loss and disconnect from ourselves and others. 

Over time our suffering manifests in the physical body as pain and dis-ease. 

Guilt, shame and fear keep us stuck in negative repeating patterns because we haven't learned how to view the situation with a detached awareness that allows a shift in perspective. 

We have a choice.  

Stay stuck in the same storyline and react to life or create a world of choice and manifest our best life full of love, peace, calm, joy and happiness. 

Open our hearts to self-love and allow acceptance, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others.

We can release the emotional ties to people and situations that bind us to the past without sabotaging our relationships while creating lasting transformational change. 

Our brain is wired to accept whatever we tell it to be true. Let's do the work and rewire our minds for a new reality. 

The internal process of letting go to let in occurs on four levels of mind, body, heart and soul and in turns creates the external change and lasting transformation we seek. 

To change our outer world, we have first to change our inner world.


Do you feel like you're energetically carrying around someone else's emotional baggage? 

  • You react and attach to other people's emotions, especially the people closest to you
  • You're overwhelmed and depleted by your family obligations
  • You're a people pleaser and want everyone to be happy at the expense of personal happiness
  • Certain people and situations easily trigger you
  • You're ready to release emotional and mental ties that keep you stuck in negative patterns of guilt, shame and fear
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    You're prepared to love and forgive yourself for holding on this long

What if you could put down all that emotional weight

With Journey to infinite abundance energy clearing sessions you may ... 

  • Learn to forgive yourself and others for holding onto negative emotions
  • Unlock emotional freedom
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    Shift negative reactions of guilt, shame and fear
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    Rewire patterns on a subconscious level
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    Liberate yourself from self-sabotaging beliefs and habits
  • Renew and rejuvenate relationships 
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    Feel that you are enough just as you are
  • check
    View the world with a new perspective
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    Experience inner calm, peace, joy and oneness with the world 

Allow Me to Personally Guide You Through Transformational Change on your journey to Infinite Abundance

Until you experience lasting transformational change for yourself, it may be hard to believe. It's a felt experience unique to each person and not something we can talk about to get results. 

Journey to Infinite Abundance is an innovative approach of intuitive energy exchange, neuroscience, guided meditation, connecting to breath and mindfulness to break through the layers of emotional and physical scars and mental processes that keep us from experiencing a real sense of peace, joy and oneness with ourselves and the universal life energy that overflows with infinite abundance. 

Through a series of live group sessions we will:

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    Set a powerful intention
  • Allow awareness of our limiting beliefs to arise
  • Unlock stored emotions and feelings associated with the belief 
  • Connect to the physical part of us that holds our emotions
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    Visualize letting go of the negative emotions 
  • check
    Shift your sabotaging beliefs and habits
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    Release the old patterns on a subconscious level
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    Let in light and love
  • check
    Forgive yourself and others
  • check
    Create a new positive mantra 
  • check
    Transform on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level

Included in your Journey to Infinite Abundance Energy Clearing Sessions: 

  • 6 - Live group sessions by video conference call plus, one bonus session
  • Group support to keep you on track 
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    A safe and supportive environment for transformation 
  • 30-minute VIP coaching session with Coach April Ria  
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    Recordings of our sessions yours to keep

Start your Journey to Infinite Abundance today

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(Yes! We meet right through the holiday season. The timing is perfect because you will be able to experience results in real time with family, friends, stress and all the "stuff" that comes up at the holiday season AND you'll start the new year with a fresh perspective!) 

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About April Ria

April Ria Qureshi-Davidson is an award-winning entrepreneur, certified professional coach and intuitive guide. April helps people design values and vision-based lifestyle using an innovative approach combining the modern art of coaching and the ancient yogic teachings to bring intuitive awareness to your personal growth. April works on all levels of mind, body, heart and soul to go beyond the story and unlock your potential for an abundant life.

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