Get the support you need to learn how to meditate and make meditation a part of your busy lifestyle 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re ready to restart your practice you’ll find what you need to make your meditation practice stick. 


Get meditation tools, techniques and strategies that help busy professionals, like you, find freedom from the thoughts that cause stress and tension and consciously rewire the brain for clarity, calm and wellbeing.

Take action toward your full potential in life with meditation

An affordable way to learn the basics of meditation with the support and guidance of a certified meditation coach for just $7 a month!

What You Get for $7 a Month



 Learn postural alignment and how to prepare the body for meditation. The body is the physical manifestation of the mind. Develop an awareness of sensations, feelings, and tension held in the body and the tools to relax and rejuvenate the body.


Learn to breathe with ease and flow. Change your breath and you change your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state. The breath is the bridge between body and mind. Tap into this powerful source of energy to amplify and expand your energy field. 


Learn how to withdraw attention from internal and external distractions and refocus the mind inward. Use ancient meditation techniques that guide you to let go of the busy thoughts and find clarity and calm. Make decision aligned with intention that guide you toward your full potential in life. 


Join our community of meditators, just like you! Get real time accountability with your peers and have your questions answered to support you along your journey. 



In the beginning correct knowledge is necessary. When starting out with meditation we first need correct knowledge and the guidance of an experienced teacher who can point the way to the specific steps of meditation and offer support in understanding the meditation process. 


Meditation is an energetic experience that goes beyond the mind. Knowledge only gets you part of the way there. In meditation we put the mind aside and experience through the body and breath. Gradually, we go deeper into meditation traversing layers of conditioning and programming of the past to bring us into present moment awareness.  


For the meditation geek in you! Learn how and why meditation works. 

Benefits of meditation:


relax the body


calm the mind


focus attention


restore vitality and energy


respond vs react to life’s challenges


increase resilience 


tap into your creativity 


disconnect from pain


balance the nervous system


communicate from the heart

What Students Are Saying

I wasn’t sure about meditation. I have never done it. But I really enjoyed being guided and it was great. I look forward to our meetings and felt absolutely supported by the whole group.

I feel good. Sleeping better, my heart feels more open, not so heavy with stress and anger.

I have a bit more control over my emotions and my past doesn’t haunt me. I don’t feel like I will let things bother me as much. And if they do I have the tools to help me through.

Rachel Manley

I feel empowered! I’ve been given the tools to do the meditations on my own and do a deeper dive into the areas of my life that need attention.

I can dive into the memories and old stories, and I can change the energy surrounding them. I can change that energy to better serve me. I was fearful and didn’t want to ‘go there’, but with your guidance and aftercare I no longer feel fearful, I feel strengthened!

I felt supported once we had developed that technique for breathing through each nostril. (Before that, I found that I was in a ‘mood’ that I couldn’t shake after the meditation) Having that aftercare was monumental for me. Thank you so much!

April, you are a dynamo! There is an energy that you create from within you that you gift to others. I’m so blessed to be the recipient of that energy. You are my calm in turbulence and my call to action when I feel stalled. I thank you for your patience with me, and for your objective support. Xxoo

Angela Rae

I’m clearer and stronger with meditation and for the most part, I can get myself out of the story we create and put on others without knowing it. Now, when I’m in those moments where I get pulled out of myself with strong emotions I can stop myself and notice that I’m not attached to whatever is causing me to lose my balance at the moment. I can let go of what I can’t change and instead focus on me.

I’m sleeping better, feel less stress and frustration. I feel relaxed. I really like breathing. If you are ready to do the work, then this is the place to do it.

This experience was Priceless.

Krista Stevenson

Who this program is for?
You want to… 


Learn and establish a basic meditation practice


Realize the benefits of meditation and are ready to start practicing


Find the missing piece to your wellness plan


Get support and accountability to stay consistent with your meditation practice


Curious about the science behind meditation and how it works


Connect with a community of like-minded people on the same path toward living your full potential


Finally make meditation a part of your lifestyle


Seek the support of a certified meditation coach


Experience meditation for yourself–you’ve heard and read about the benefits of a routine meditation practice now you’re ready to take action

Meet April Ria… 



Over 25 years of personal meditation experience


April Ria is a certified meditation teacher and professional coach keeping you accountable and on track


April’s unique 3-minute meditation can be used almost anywhere at anytime


Discover her unique teaching style where you put knowledge into action for integrated learning

Are you ready to let go of stressful thoughts and learn easy meditation techniques that fit your busy lifestyle for just $7 a month?

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