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Download these guides: 

HOW TO MEDITATE A Simple 6 Step Guide ...  click here to access the file

STRAW BREATH TECHNIQUE ...  click here to access the file

BOTTLE BREATHING TECHNIQUE ...  click here to access the file

Ultimate Guided Meditations
Listen here or go to the Vimeo app

vimeo on coach ria

Use these links to download Vimeo to your computer, mobile or tablet:

Ultimate Abundance Meditation (listen on Vimeo) https://vimeo.com/306439588

Ultimate Relaxation Meditation (listen on Vimeo) https://vimeo.com/306436272

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​Online Group Coaching Sessions

  • ​Session 1 ​Link (TBA)
  • ​​Session ​2 ​Link (TBA)
  • ​​Session ​3 ​Link (TBA)
  • ​​Session ​4 ​Link (TBA)
  • ​​Session ​5 ​Link (TBA)
  • ​Session 1 Recording (TBA)
  • ​​Session ​2 Recording (TBA)
  • ​​Session ​3 Recording (TBA)
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    ​​Session ​4 Recording (TBA)
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    ​​Session ​5 Recording (TBA)

Download your meditation journal!

Click the button below to download your journal and print it out to note your thoughts and observations as you journey through the class series.

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