Life continues to amaze as I journey along my life path!

I’m peeling away another layer to reveal more of my true self. As of now, I am no longer a licensed realtor.

Instead, I choose to pursue right livelihood as a coach and yoga teacher.

This moment is over three years in the making (plus, 45 years of life experience!). Big dreams take thoughtful planning and deliberate action to become a big life. Even with the best-laid plans we never really know how life will emerge. To me, that’s the fun of it!

I have decided to return to the world what my teachers, coaches and mentors have given me over the years — the gift of insight, knowledge and wisdom that springs eternally from within each of us.

The beautiful thing about coaching and yoga is they blend to create a synergy powerful enough to help you move from external distractions to internal realizations. When I recognized this connection, it was an epiphany! I was clear in my mind, body, heart and soul; everything felt right.

Here’s what I’ve come to realize…

Our past stories of yesterday shape our habits and beliefs today. If we let them, the feelings become real, and we think the story is happening right now. We associate with it directly and allow the past to recreate itself over and over in the present moment. The truth is the past is unreal at this moment.

We allow our thoughts to control our consciousness with clutter. We get entangled in the 50,000 thoughts we have in a day. Those thoughts have no meaning unless we attach to the story and create judgment around them. It’s a comfortable place to be. Nothing needs to change in this arena. Our subconscious takes control and runs our life on autopilot. It is very subtle.

However, by gently bringing conscious awareness to the present moment we begin to untangle our thoughts and view them as a witness. From there, we can gently start to peel away the layers hiding our greatness and shift from external to internal realizations of who we are. Magic happens here.

The cool thing is the process of our evolution (transformational change) can happen on the yoga mat or off. That’s where my skill and expertise come together to help you shift through a life change meeting you where you are right now and guiding you to where you want to end up.

I help professionals create a balanced lifestyle between work and life.
You may be thinking, “Yeah, right!”
The funny thing about balance is that we are continually self-correcting to stay on top of our responsibilities. It can feel up and down with no middle ground.
I see balance, not as a 3 point-tetter totter between personal and work life. Instead, an expanding spiral intricately laced with our core values, vision, environment, specific actions, and self-identity of who we want to be in life that ebbs and flows moment by moment.

Many of us look good on the outside but are struggling on the inside. We’ll discover the blocks holding you back from manifesting your future and remove them in your own time.

When you work with me, we will dive deep into how you show up physically, mentally and energetically in the world.

A wise energy healer once said to me, “How we do one thing is how we do everything.”

We can live as a victim and react to what life throws at us, or we can be the victor and choose specific action toward our destiny.

When you’re ready, let’s work together, on or off the mat.

Coach Ria / Yogi April
Remover of Obstacles, wielding a golden sword of light and love

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P.S. I was blessed with two beautiful first names, April Ria, and depending on when you met me you know me as one or the other. Both work, don’t stress about it, I will answer your call