As an entrepreneur, I never really take time off, unless I’m at a luxury hotel on a sunny beach with a swim-up bar and even then it’s hard not to peek at my emails! As a creative A-type, I’m always on. Phone calls, email, socializing and opportunities to talk with interesting people. Also, I carry a digital notebook to jot down ideas, sketches, and contacts to follow up.

Well, it’s the third week of January, and it’s back to the daily grind. Kids are at school, thank goodness! The cat is lonely again with an empty house and only a fuzzy bath mat to keep her warm.

I’m not going to lie. It was a challenge to relax. I thought, “I have so much work to do!” and at the same time, “forget about work and relax!” Hahaha!

I am grateful for my notebook, without it, I’d be lost, set adrift on a sea of potential without focus. I’m also thankful to have an accountability partner to keep me on task with clear direction and action.

Also, when my mindset begins to slide downhill, and I need to overcome the inertia of self-doubt, the overwhelm of responsibilities and the whirl of self-sabotage that causes me to willfully take action that is in direct conflict with what I want I tap into a beautiful group of coach colleagues to help me shift my mindset to confidence and reset with a pattern interrupt.

Knowing that, like me, you have a list as long as a winter night how you will maintain a balanced lifestyle that includes the appearance of sanity while serving your clients and customers as you rock your goals in 2019?

The best of us have potent people helping us achieve mastery in all areas of life and business, including growth mindset, business development, relationships, and life-work balance to name a few.

Get coached by me at last years rates, after that prices are up.

As your coach, I will champion your cause, honour your process, push your edge, hold you accountable and keep the map to your dreams as you journey toward mastery.

My clients are passionate about what they want from life, and they’re not afraid to fail, they demonstrate tremendous courage and resilience to push beyond what they thought possible to achieve amazing results in business and life. They exist beyond themselves in the realm of self-realization.

Work with me, and you will uncover a part of you-you didn’t know existed.

Make 2019 the year you step into mastery. Get the deal now before it’s gone. Because I work intensely with my clients I only serve a handful of clients at a time, so time and space are limited.

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