Bliss Yoga Nidra Retreat VIP Upgrade Jan 2020


Your BLISS Yoga Nidra VIP Group Coaching Circle includes:
  • 1×60-minute pre-event group coaching call 
  • 3×60-minute post-event group coaching call 
  • Creation of a primary intention to support your full self-expression;
  • Review and integration of thoughts as energy, redirect energy through the heart chakra, energetic diffusion of triggers
  • Support navigating the emotional, physical and mental shifts that can occur in Bliss Yoga Nidra;
  • Customized action plan to help you incorporate Bliss Yoga Nidra and meditation into your busy lifestyle;
  • Recordings of all 5 Bliss Yoga Nidra guided meditations;
  • Confidential and safe community of extraordinary people, just like you, who are on the path of self-discovery.
  • Discount on VIP one-one coaching packages
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