I suffer from what I call Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)

Shiny Object Syndrome is a distraction and can be costly in both time and money (prana energy). I’ve spent endless days of reading, going to networking luncheons and weekend seminars staying up to date with the latest trends in small business, online marketing and business growth.

On one hand, I love getting out and meeting people but on the other rarely do I feel like I’ve walked away with something new that I can integrate in a meaningful way – the golden nugget that will change my life and business forever. I walk away feeling spent and depleted and that my work so far doesn’t add up.

It’s like I’m searching for a buried treasure only to find a plastic casket full of dimestore knockoffs and everyone is working from the same treasure map.

Here’s what I notice about the Shiny Object Syndrome and the relationship between prana energy:


I get pulled out of alignment because I’m focusing on shiny objects that don’t move me or my business forward.


In turn, causing my focus to shift away from what I need to concentrate on right now and be present to this moment.


My constant thirst for knowledge stems from a belief, which my ego loves to stroke, that “I am not enough”, and “it’s not perfect, yet”.

My genius gets put on hold. Self-doubt creeps in.

Golden Nugget

The key to finding the golden nugget in the buried treasure is the ability to integrate the learning in a meaningful way. Integration is that moment of slowing down, reflecting in the quietness after the busyness and feeling the flood of prana energy that connects us to our true purpose, whether in business or life.

Shiny object syndrome becomes the golden nugget when it moves us forward and enriching our lives and those around us.