Discover The Mindset Shifts Leaders and Entrepreneurs Are Using To Develop A Meditation Practice That Sticks... 
(and consciously levelling up their life!)

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    In This Masterclass,
    You'll Discover How To ... 

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      Set a goal and make a commitment to take action toward making meditation a lifestyle choice 
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      Create an integrative intention aligned with your goals that you will nurture throughout your practice 
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      Find an environment that suits your lifestyle including, the best time of day and where to practice
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      Trust in the process of meditation and realize it is an unfolding unique to each person 
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      Surrender to the outcome of your actions and let go of your desire to control 

    Presented by ...
    April Ria

    Hi, I’m April Ria! Meditation and lifestyle coach, speaker and author helping busy professionals, like you, make meditation a lifestyle choice so that you can be less reactive to stress and respond with clarity and calm. 

    Like many of you, I’m on a journey of self-discovery. After many years of feeling lost in the busyness of life, raising two kids and shifting through 3 careers I finally landed. Not only do I get to live my passion for leadership and self-mastery but I get to share that passion with you!  ♥︎

    "I have never done meditation but felt absolutely supported. Now I sleep better."  ~ Rachel, Real Estate Agent

    "I’m clearer and stronger with meditation. When I get pulled out of myself with strong emotions I can stop myself and notice that I’m not attached to whatever is causing me to lose my balance." ~ Krista, Administrator 

    "I feel empowered! I’ve been given the tools to do the meditations on my own." ~ Angela, Holistic Interior Designer

    © 2019 April Ria Qureshi-Davidson